IMG_2492Hello World!

I just thought I would update you guys as I haven’t blogged in around a week and I am almost half way through my week off!

So, we have been decorating the house and repainting lots of ornaments, benches, plant pots etc. in the garden as well as jet washing patios! Our house has had lots of TLC in the last few days and is still awaiting lots to be done this week. We have all been helping with different bits around the house and it has taken half the time it would have! 

Me and Liam have been shopping together the last couple of mornings, spending more money than we probably should, but it was nice to just have some ‘us time’. We went to my Nanny and Grandad’s as well and we walked their dog, Storm. They can’t take her for walks because of bad knees and bad backs so we try to get round there and walk her when we can. She’s an Alsatian and she’s beautiful. She’s so friendly and loves a game to release some energy. Again, it’s a chance for us to have some ‘us time’ and to just be silly together and laugh until our bellies hurt (which we do a lot.) 

Tomorrow is my sister, Sam’s, 22nd birthday so we are either going to Cromer for fish and chips on the seafront (depending on the weather) or, we are going to grab a pub lunch. Either will be nice! Then on Saturday, everyone is coming round for a BBQ (again, depending on the weather), by everyone, I mean friends and family!

The next few days are set to consist of decorating and celebrating! 

And how can I forget, on Friday Liam is taking me to see ‘Finding Dory’ (29th July, the day it comes out in the UK!) and I am super excited! It is a film that I have been waiting to see for like, 10 years and now it’s here and I will be watching it from the gallery in the cinema! 

Now, to end this blog, I would like to ask you what you would like me to post as a blog, would you like a product review? or a Q&A type of thing? or a Tag e.g. “TMI Tag”? I want you to decide! Like I said in my first blog post, I am completely new to this whole thing and I would really appreciate some input from the people reading my blog! 

Until next time!

Love, Gemma x