dory ticketsHello World!

So on Friday (29th July 2016), myself and Liam went to watch ‘Finding Dory’ and oh my goodness, it was everything I had hoped it would be! It had links to ‘Findng Nemo’ in it as well which I thought was great, as it kind of reminds you how Dory, Marlin and Nemo met and what they had to go through in the first movie (even though everyone has probably seen it a million times and doesn’t need reminding). I really like the fact that Finding dory is the story of how Dory dealt with/deals with her ‘short term memory loss’ as a baby and now, and how she lost her family in the first place and how it follows her journey to finding them again, but it also has parts where Marlin and Nemo have to find Dory as she goes missing. I’m not going to say too much on the film as I know a lot of people won’t have seen it yet, but if you haven’t.. please go and see it! Your childhood will be complete!

Saturday was a busy day! We had a BBQ at our house with 40-50 people for my sister’s birthday. The day was spent tidying up and preparing food for people to start arriving at 7pm. There was a lot of drinking but the majority of people seemed to handle their drink pretty well. Towards the end of the night, people decided it was a good time to get in the hot tub; when I say towards the end of the night, it was around 12am! Everyone had a good night though, there were water fights, dancing, drinking, photos and food.. what more do you need at a party?

Today is Sunday and today has been a very lazy day. We were up until 2am last night tidying up after the party. No one got up until 11am/12pm so it’s been a very chilled out kind of day. I thought I would write this blog to kind of update you all as well as tell you all about Finding Dory. Tomorrow is  back to work after my week off and I am not looking forward to being up at 5.45am to get to work for 7.30 all week! I can’t tell you what my blogs will be about when I go back to work as there’s not a lot I will be able to share due to working with children and confidentiality. I will do my best to blog about interesting/fun things, but you will have to bare with me and let me know in the commments if there is anything that you would like me to blog about. 

“Appreciate everything that you have”

Love, Gemma x